RX 100 Film Director Spoils Their Lives

By - July 22, 2018 - 02:59 PM IST

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The moment you become somebody from a nobody you become an inspiration to many and for few others, you are nothing less than a role model. While that is good in one way, there are also times when it has its drawbacks because not everyone has the same kind of aptitude or attitude though they may have the same intent.

Akin to that, few are now saying Ajay Bhupathi, the director of the recent release ‘RX 100’ has spoiled few lives. Well, looking at him, many aspiring directors are getting ready with intensity filled stories and they are narrating it to producers. In that, only a handful of them will become successful while the rest will waste their time.

Whenever a common person scores a big hit with his story many producers and youngsters get spoiled thinking even they can repeat the act but that’s not how it works. Of course, having said that, in that process few good movies also come and some will get courage to take that risk and see if their passion can fetch success. That’s the story folks!

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