Focus: 'Rowdy Wear' Or 'Khaidi Wear'

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Till recently the only image and thought you got when you hear the word Rowdy is that of a goon or a bad guy with a rugged look. However, a new perspective is now emerging thanks to the radical stud Vijay Deverakonda. Apparently, he has launched a new brand of apparel and has named it as Rowdy Wear.

The launch event of this brand happened grandly but then one interesting observation came up. Those who saw what Vijay wore said it looks like an outfit worn by someone who is in jail. Vijay and Sarath were there on launch of the brand and they wore a white and red outfit respectively. With stripes resembling that of a convict’s outfit, this reaction came up.

While it is not sure how the remaining range of apparel are, the general public is saying if all are based on this design only the ‘Rowdy Brand’ will flop. They suggest that along with being rebellious, Vijay should ensure variety is there in what he is selling. Attitude is a nice thing but it should come with some substance is what they say.

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