Total Clarity From Dil Raju

By - July 23, 2018 - 07:00 PM IST

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Cinema is one profession where many individuals come out of passion and emotion but when it comes to the business of cinema, even one percent of it is not going to help. This is the main reason why Dil Raju has become a successful producer and distributor. It has also earned him the tag of the man with the golden hand.

Dil Raju is very good at judging the potential of the scripts but here is another reason why he has been so successful. Well, the man has total clarity on what kind of projects he will produce. It is heard that Dil Raju’s priority is only for commercial and formula movies only and he has no place for ‘something different’ type of movies.

There have been many instances wherein Dil Raju watched the teaser and trailer and decided whether the movie will work at the box office or not. The fact that he is not deviating anywhere from his track and wants to treat cinema as a serious business is giving him the much required benefits. This is a lesson for many budding producers.

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