Nani Scoring More Than NTR

By - July 25, 2018 - 07:30 PM IST

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While drawing comparisons between two people you need to give considerable time so that a comprehensive understanding can come. Some people don’t have that patience and come to conclusions earlier on. Eventually when they start seeing the real deal, they go silent in embarrassment and smartly switch sides.

Natural Star Nani is a favorite hero for many and his movies have a lot of demand. In lieu of that, when he came in as the host for the reality show Bigg Boss 2’, there were anticipations. Within the first two episodes many began to write him off citing Nani is unable to give that impact and he is nowhere compared to the previous host, the young tiger Jr NTR.

Cut to the present, Bigg Boss 2 has crossed few weeks and things have got interesting. Now, a new perspective is coming on Nani. Many are saying Nani scores a lot with his spontaneity and wit. They are now saying he is much more entertaining than Tarak owing to his sense of humour and timing. Well, that’s how things work folks!

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