Babu Gogineni's Pawan Kalyan Joke

By - July 26, 2018 - 10:57 AM IST

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Yesterday's episode of Bigg Boss was an emotional one, with the family members of the contestants calling up to talk to them over the phone. The caller had to give three hints to the contestant who picks up the phone call, the contestant has to guess the name correctly.

In case the contestant who picks the call fails to guess the name of the other contestant, the phone gets disconnected. Samrat fails to guess given by Nandini's family person, while Geetha Madhuri fails to guess Ganesh's call.

Actor Nandu calls to talk to his wife Geetha Madhuri. Babu Gogineni picks up the call. Nandu tries to play a prank, by telling that he is Mega Star Chiranjeevi. After Geetha finishes talking to Nandu, Babu Gogineni cracks a joke.

"He told that he is Chiranjeevi. I did not want to waste your time, Geetha. Otherwise, I wanted to talk to Chiranjeevi about Pawan Kalyan", Babu told on a witty note. It was a laugh-worthy situation and everyone burst out in laughter.

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