Kathi Mahesh's Fight Against Telangana Police

By - July 26, 2018 - 08:16 AM IST

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Self-proclaimed Kathi Mahesh was expelled from the city of Hyderabad after his derogatory comments on Ramayana. He had commented demeaning things on Hindu God Lord Ram on a live show. The Telangana police had expelled him from the city for the same reason.

Kathi Mahesh felt threatened of his Fundamental Rights. So, he has approached the High Court for justice. "Kathi Mahesh's Fundamental Rights are being snatched away. He was expelled from the city unwarrantedly. A 24-hour window is to be given before any such action is taken", told Kathi's advocate.

The High Court at Hyderabad has ordered the Telangana Police to file a detailed counter affidavit in Kathi Mahesh's case. Kathi Mahesh has claimed that the Telangana police had gone against the constitution, and acted beyond their powers.

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