Sri Reddy's Suicide Bomb?

By - July 26, 2018 - 02:05 PM IST

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Call it a threat or an act of desperation but it is becoming evident that the path taken by Sri Reddy is not really fetching what she wanted. While she has been projecting that she has taken the mantle of representing girls who get sexually exploited in the cinema industry things don’t seem to be going her way.

Now, Sri Reddy seems to be throwing her trump card. According to reports, she has given an interview to a Malayalam channel wherein she reportedly mentioned she feels like committing suicide because she is not getting justice and she has been singled out by everyone. Sri Reddy has now come up with the victim card.

Those who are hearing and watching all this are coming up with just one single question, they are unable to understand why Sri Reddy is only coming up with a barrage of allegations and controversial accusations but never substantiating it with some acceptable evidence. Well, if she can come up with something like that, her conviction will be respected. Till then, even her suicide statement will be perceived as a marketing trick.

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