Tejaswi Not Required Because Of Her

By - July 26, 2018 - 04:14 PM IST

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Ever since Tejaswi Madivada has been eliminated from the reality show ‘Bigg Boss 2’ there have been strong speculations that heavy lobbying and efforts have begun to get her back into the show. It is true that Tejaswi’s presence in the House led to spicy masala because she was creating quite a bit of ruckus which led to good TRPs.

While the efforts seem to continue to bring her back, here is another version. Just two days ago, the lesser known actress Pooja Ramachandran of ‘Swamy Ra Ra’ fame made her entry as a wild card and her coming out of the blue has led to a thought that she was brought in with a purpose. Some are now decoding it and saying she came as a replacement.

Well, the anticipation is that Pooja Ramachandran is going to create the same havoc Tejaswi created. The other speculation is, one way or the other Tejaswi would be brought back into the house and a major spat will be brewed between her and Pooja. All this is some theories being churned out but we will get our answers in the coming days.

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