Welcome To The World Of Spies!

By - July 27, 2018 - 04:30 PM IST

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The Telugu Film Industry has predominantly focused on coming up with movies that offer entertainment in the form of humour, glamour and commercial masala but it has never really thought about stuff that offers substance. Things have changed in recent times with new wave filmmakers coming up with interesting concepts.

In this process, one movie is being touted as a gate opener for a new genre into the industry. We are talking about the movie ‘Goodachari’ featuring the handsome hunk Adivi Sesh. The film has been made in a very slick and stylish manner and it is going to be an insight on how the world of secret agents and spies works.

The film is slated for release on August 3rd and it also marks the debut of the beauty queen Sobhita Dhulipala into Telugu. Inside news is that the film has been made as an edge of the seat thriller and has strong chances to click at the box office. If that happens there is no doubt that films on the world of spies will open up in the Telugu Film Industry.

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