Nani Becomes Dronacharya

By - July 27, 2018 - 12:33 PM IST

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One of the ancient tales from Mahabharata reveals about Ekalavya and how he mastered the art of archery by just looking at his favorite Guru Dronacharya from a distance. For that matter, Dronacharya was not even aware he was being worshipped silently and secretly. Since then many are called as Ekalavya sishyas when they learn without their Guru knowing.

Akin to that, Natural Star Nani has become the Dronacharya for a beautiful young heroine. Her name is Ruhani sharma and she is making her debut in Telugu with the movie ‘Chi La Sow’ alongside the Akkineni hero Sushanth. Apparently, Ruhani hails from the north but she is now able to speak a decent level of Telugu.

Sharing about it, Ruhani reportedly revealed initially she had no clue what was happening but later on she decided to watch the movies of Nani. It is here that she began to learn the language and today she is able to speak comfortably and is fully aware of what one is speaking. That way, Nani has helped this pretty actress without his knowledge and became Ruhani’s Dronacharya.

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