Mother-Son Sentiment In Bigg Boss For Real?

By - July 27, 2018 - 10:29 AM IST

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At an official level we all consider ‘Bigg Boss’ as a reality show and whatever is happening inside the house is deemed as something real and not fabricated. However, there are those instances which actually challenge our common sense and make us think whether all this is for real or is something getting devised from the backend for adding drama.

The recent example to that is the task wherein mothers of Tanish and Samrat got to speak to their respective sons. As part of the conversation both the ladies gave the same advice, they asked their sons not to get into any personal bonding and focus on the task at hand. On one hand Tanish is showing a lot of affection for Deepti Sunaina.

As for Samrat, his antics with Tejaswi Madivada are known to all. The subsequent events show Tanish getting hyper or Samrat getting emotional and with mothers involving and advising is being seen as something overboard. Anyways, as long as the home audience connects to the mother-son sentiment such strategies will continue to get implemented.

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