Chicago Sex Racket Aftershocks!

By - July 29, 2018 - 12:30 PM IST

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Few weeks ago the entire Telugu Film Industry was once again rattled after the Chicago sex racket came out and the US authorities took it up very seriously. Few arrests have been made and though the names of the actresses were not involved it is heard that interrogations and investigations have been continuing relentlessly.

Meanwhile, this has resulted in a major consequence for the heroines. Reports are arriving that there has been a severe backlash in the granting of visas to the film personalities especially the actresses who are coming from the Telugu Film Industry. It is heard that the issuance of US Visas has now come to just thirty percent.

As a result, many shooting schedules are getting disturbed and some of them are now planning their foreign schedules in other countries. While it is not sure how long this is going to continue this trend is going to affect even the events that would be organized by the Telugu NRI associations because it is infested a lot with starlets.

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