'Rowdy' Impact On Vijay Deverakonda

By - July 29, 2018 - 01:30 PM IST

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As an artiste you tend to create a strong impact and impression with your roles and performances but the fundamental remains that there is a fine line between reel projection and real life projection. Sometimes when you carry the same approach in both segments, it leads to things getting deviated and incorrect impressions being formed.

It is known news that the radical stud Vijay Deverakonda earned a youth icon status for himself thanks to his unconventional performance in the cult blockbuster ‘Arjun Reddy’. There is no doubt it left a huge impact on the audience and sustaining that, Vijay has also launched the ‘Rowdy’ brand of clothing from his end.

While the story is good so far, it is now appearing Vijay is trying to push this rebellious sort of image a little too far. The latest song from him for the movie ‘Geetha Govindam’ which was removed by YouTube only goes to show that the people are taking this Rowdy thing in bad taste. About time Vijay tones down this thing and strike a balance.

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