Bigg Boss Leak: Army Cannot Save Kaushal

By - August 01, 2018 - 01:07 PM IST

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The process of staying safe in the Bigg Boss House is through the voting channel of the public. Since the path is clear, some of the celebrities inside the House have arranged for teams to work aggressively on social media and generate that voting. Top in that list is the TV artist Kaushal who is consistently being marked as safe.

The reason for that is his social media presence in the name of Kaushal army. It is doing a lot of voting and he is getting saved. However, things are expected to be a bit different this time. They want to come up with elimination not taking votes into account. In the previous episodes Deepti, Nandini and Syamala were eliminated in a similar fashion.

For that matter, Syamala came out just out of internal voting. So now, there is news that the organizers want to implement that rule and remove Kaushal. If all goes well, the elimination is expected to happen two weeks from now. It remains to be seen how the Kaushal Army or Kaushal himself is going to tackle this challenge.

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