Nag's Blessing For Singer's Husband

By - August 02, 2018 - 03:50 PM IST

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Once you pair up with a celebrity your identity gets registered as that person’s partner and it takes some real talent and skill to come out of that shadow. Rahul Ravindran is an actor who did few films but he is better known among the public as singer Chinmayi’s husband. Presently, Rahul has come out of acting and focusing on directing.

As part of that, he is arriving with his maiden movie ‘Chi La Sow’ and before its outcome can be decided, Rahul has got a very big break. Well, there are reports that ‘King’ Akkineni Nagarjuna watched the film and is quite impressed with the taking. As a result, he has promised to work with Rahul for a movie. As such Nag’s market value is 20 crores as a star.

This only means that if Rahul can come up with a script that can suit the stature and bankability of Nag and give success, it is going to take him to the next level. For starters, if Rahul can get a decent score from his debut flick it is going to set the right platform. Meanwhile, many are envious of Rahul as he got Nag’s blessings.

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