Trisha Going In Wrong Direction?

By - August 04, 2018 - 09:27 AM IST

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Trying to look at how your contemporaries are able to do good in their career and taking a leaf or two out of it is alright but such things work only when you realize what your brand value is and what kind of limitations you have. We are talking about it purely in terms of the career aspect and it holds good for cinema industry too.

The petite beauty Trisha was once the sought after heroine in the entire south industry and she has worked with all the big heroes be it Telugu or Tamil. Now, she has passed her prime and Trisha has been focusing on coming up with movies which show her as the protagonist. Some say she wants to become like the gracious beauty Nayanthara.

Well, what Trisha needs to realize is the aura and power of Nayan is much different from that of Trisha. Nayan’s image among the people plays a key role in accepting her as the protagonist. So, if Trisha is keen to extend her career, she needs to focus on strong character roles than going in the wrong direction of becoming a protagonist.

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