Nani vs Kaushal Army!

By - August 06, 2018 - 03:30 PM IST

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The reality show Bigg Boss 2 is reaching a dramatic stage with some of the weak contestants getting eliminated and the battle among the strong inmates commencing. The latest wicket to fall is that of Nandini Rai and most of the audience is not surprised because she has been digging her own grave out of confusion and lack of smartness.

But the bigger issue right now is the battle between the show’s host Natural Star Nani and the promising contestant Kaushal. It is known the news that Kaushal’s social media team Kaushal’s Army has been doing an aggressive campaign and he looks invincible right now with his vote strength. However, this doesn’t seem to be going well with the show organizers.

As a result, it is being noticed that Nani is trying to put Kaushal manda in a tight spot over few trivial matters. As expected, the backlash is happening to Nani from Kaushal’s army. That way, a new clash has begun brewing and it has to be seen how this will shape up in the coming days. For now, Kaushal looks solid in his position.

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