U Turn: A Milestone Film?

By - August 07, 2018 - 08:30 AM IST

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Every artiste keeps doing many films as part of his/her career but among them there are those one or two movies that become the milestone projects of their career. Normally, such movies take them to an iconic level or send a strong message to everyone that the artiste has acting in his or her blood. And not many have that fortune.

Cute smile queen Samantha has been part of the industry since long and she has done many movies but right now she has changed the gears and is going for projects which offer her meaty roles and something unconventional. As part of that, Sam’s next project is ‘U-Turn’ and this is being touted as a milestone film in her career.

The film is an engaging thriller wherein Sam is essaying the role of an investigative journalist. It is heard that she has given a stellar performance and her role is equally impact creating. This is the remake of a Kannada superhit. If all these speculations turn out to be true there is no doubt that Sam might be bagging few awards as well.

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