Finally, box-office sees some collections

By - August 06, 2018 - 05:20 PM IST

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After a month of too many disasters, the first week of August finally brings some energy with recent films Goodachari and Chi La Sow. General audience, as well as critic, have appreciated and lauded the teams of both these films for working hard and making some good films.

Except one small budget film and a dubbing one, it was tough for the rest of the films which released in July, to see the audience in the theatres. Chi La Sow, a slow-paced story which has managed to impress many youngsters and elders too. It was all about two youngsters who are forced to meet each other and their parents wanted them to get married. But their journey for that day sees ups and downs and finally, they like each other. The film has received positive feedback with a word to mouth talk and they team is really happy about the success.

Well, Goodachari, the most-trending and talked about film of the last week is doing phenomenally well at the box office. Adivi Sesh has performed really well and he himself had written the story and also produced it too. There are a few loopholes here and there in the story, but the screenplay will just leave you spell-bound with unexpected twists.

Finally, these films have succeeded to see houseful shows even after Monday and as there are a few more bigger films releasing in the coming week too, let’s hope that the box-office gets busy in the coming days.

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