Senior Star Confirms Casting Couch

By - August 07, 2018 - 05:30 PM IST

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A black mark that has been haunting the cinema industry since quite a while has been the casting couch. While most of the members of the film fraternity have clarified they never came across such an experience, there have been those who made sensational statements about it and thereby garnered a fair share of mileage and attention.

There has been some grey area as to whether casting couch really exists in the tinsel town and nobody ever really confirmed about it. However, one senior star has now come into the open and broke all confusions. He is none other than action king Arjun and recently he was sharing his thoughts when he spoke about casting couch.

The senior star reportedly confirmed casting couch does exist in the industry. However, he reportedly added despite its existence he allowed his daughter Aishwarya to enter into movies. Given the fact that Arjun has been part of the industry since nearly four decades and yet his decision to allow his daughter to act goes to show it is the path one chooses.

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