Why Must Industry Track Sesh?

By - August 09, 2018 - 08:30 AM IST

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There is no dearth for talent in the Telugu Film Industry and every season a new wave of fresh blood keeps flowing in exhibiting good ideas. Despite all this, the industry has been running under an unwritten set of formats when it comes to filmmaking and entertaining the audience. It is here that there is a need to watch out for Adivi Sesh.

Keeping aside his ingredients to be called as a hero, the thing that makes him stand apart is his thought to do something different. When he made his debut as a director with the movie ‘Karma’ in 2011, the film went above and beyond the heads of the Telugu audience. Within no time Sesh adapted to the conditions here and got into the template.

Yet, his zest for coming up with edge of the seat content didn’t die and while he was doing the quintessential roles as an artiste, he came up with movies like ‘Kshanam’ simultaneously. With his latest movie ‘Goodachari’, Sesh has knocked the doors hard with a message that he is here to deliver something different. In a way, he is emerging like Farhan Akhtar for Telugu industry. Well, about time industry gives more leverage to this promising hunk.

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