Reality Behind Sobhan Babu's Properties

By - August 10, 2018 - 08:30 AM IST

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There are quite a few celebrities who made tons of money through cinema and first in that list are always the heroes. Today, we look at few star heroes and pop our eyes out hearing their remuneration but many years ago, Nata Bhushan Sobhan Babu became a millionaire with his income from acting as a hero.

While speculations are rife that it was his remuneration, here is the reality. Though he took good remunerations, putting average investments also cannot make him a crorepati. Sobhan Babu invested heavily in lands around the city of Chennai and he became owners of thousands of crores. Taking him as inspiration Murali Mohan did the same and he became a crorepati.

Looking at Murali Mohan, actor Chandramohan did the same. That way, both Murali Mohan and Chandramohan went into hundreds of crores while Sobhan Babu went into thousands of crores. The rule was clear, whatever he got he invested in lands. This goes to show that based on how they invest with what they earn, the future is decided for the heroes.

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