Comments On Babu's Potbelly

By - August 10, 2018 - 10:41 AM IST

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The entertainment industry is one sector where a lot of visual appeal matters and the presentation also form the required impressions. Hence, not just the heroes or heroines, even the directors and music directors work on looking fit. One man doesn’t seem too keen to do any such stuff and as a result he is getting trolled big time.

He is none other than the self proclaimed humanist Babu Gogineni and he is currently one of the inmates of the ongoing reality show ‘Bigg Boss 2’. Babu Gogineni’s tummy is quite prominent and nobody else in the House has it. As a result, a lot of discussion is happening on Facebook regarding this protruding part of his body.

Though it does sound as a personal attack on Babu Gogineni point remains that the way he projects himself as someone who is God’s gift to mankind, maintaining the right kind of physical appearance also matters. For now, the social media is going abuzz with Babu’s potbelly so let us see if he takes this feedback personally and works on it.

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