Nithiin To Do Biopic?

By - August 09, 2018 - 11:16 AM IST

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Every other day we have been mentioning about the mania of biopic which has gripped the entire Indian cine circuit. Once in two days we get to hear about a new biopic being announced. While that is one side, it now appears few artistes are also keen to be part of such biopics as that would give them a lot of leverage.

According to sources, even youth star Nithiin is part of that list. Buzz is that he is keen to do a biopic kind of movie which shows different shades of characters in him. That way, Nithiin seems to be keen on proving himself as a versatile performer and not just a routine commercial hero. Sources close to him reveal another interesting point.

They say that Nithiin got this idea after watching the Bollywood flick ‘Sanju’ and he was floored by the various avatars of the hero Ranbir Kapoor in that movie. Well, what Nithiin is thinking is a welcome idea but it is not sure whose biopic he would do and which real life celebrity has a roller coaster life like the deadly Sanjay Dutt.

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