Confusion In Pawan Kalyan's Speech

By - August 15, 2018 - 07:30 AM IST

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Ever since the power star Pawan Kalyan stepped into politics leaving films, it has left his film fans heartbroken. Yet, they were hopeful that he would show his sheen as a leader in real life. While Pawan has been putting his efforts, one common feedback is always coming up, his speeches are not very directional and often end up confusing people.

The latest from Pawan happened to be his speech on his party symbol. Apparently, he mentioned that a fist is going to be the symbol for his party. Within no time the entire social media was swarmed with messages that fist is the symbol. However, the party’s official sources came after a while and clarified it is not true.

They stated that unless the Election Commission approves, no symbol is finalized and added that the party symbol and election symbol would be different. Before the actual scenario can be explained, many went into a frenzy of sorts assuming ‘Fist’ is the thing thanks to the speech from Pawan. Let us see what comes next from him.

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