Hot Lady's Shop Opening @ Rs 5 Lakhs?

By - August 16, 2018 - 01:08 PM IST

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The first sign which shows you are now becoming popular as a heroine is when you start getting ribbon cutting offers from showrooms. The second sign is when they voluntarily come forward with an amount that you cannot believe. Not many have that fortune but right now one budding heroine has become a hot property in tinsel town.

She is none other than Payal Rajput, the heroine who stole hearts with her debut flick ‘RX 100’. According to sources, she is being flooded with shop opening offers and it is heard that the hosts are willing to pay her a whopping 5 lakhs for just one hour of her presence. The interesting part is, Payal is not asking but shop folks are willing to offer.

While it is not sure what she has been doing in terms of signing her next project, this is one golden offer she should not refuse and do as many openings as possible. The reason being, the number of shops Payal opens, that many five lakhs she gets. As it is, there is talk that she got a remuneration of just six lakhs for ‘RX 100’ so this should compensate for it.

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