Parasuram Next Movie With Mega Hero?

By - August 17, 2018 - 01:49 PM IST

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You might be a director doing a reasonable number of films in the industry but you will really get noticed when you deliver a sensational hit at the box office. You will be surprised to see that the moment you score success, the cine folks will flock around you like crazy. On the other hand, you also fall into the eyes of many heroes.

Director Parasuram has been part of the industry for many years and he has a few decent flicks in the form of ‘Yuvatha’ ‘Solo’ but now he has suddenly become the hot property. Apparently, the success of his latest offering ‘Geeta Govindam’ has made Parasuram a hot property and now even before he can relish his success, another update has arrived.

It is heard that Parasuram has already tied up with GA2 Productions which has produced ‘Geetha Govindam’ and hence his next project is confirmed with them. It is heard that one of the stories narrated to mega mastermind Allu Aravind created a good excitement and hence Parasuram would be working on the final script soon. Way to go Parasuram!

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