Most Powerful PROs In Tollywood Now

By - August 18, 2018 - 07:40 PM IST

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There was a time when the only name that was heard in the circles of PROs was that of B A Raju. Eventually, B A Raju grew up to become a producer as well. Now, a new wave of PROs has come and among them one name is being heard a lot. It is that of Vamsi-Shekhar. Yes, they happened to be two guys who are capturing the cinema market.

For instance, they are the official PROs for the biopic on NTR. Incidentally, they were also the PROs for the blockbuster hit ‘Mahanati’ and now they are also working for the other movie ‘Antariksham’ featuring mega prince Varun Tej. There are also other PROs like Venugopal, Pulagam Chinnarayana, Appaji Dheeraj and others.

However, Vamsi-Shekhar are a breed apart and they are also personal PROs to Nandamuri Natasimham Balakrishna, collection king Mohan Babu and RGV as well. Both are young men and they deliver more than promised. They have very tight relations with all and because they are two they work aggressively. Now, they also became official PROs for SIIMA awards event and they are ruling the roost. 

All this success is happening to them only due to one reason, dedication.

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