This Is Necessary For Every Artiste

By - August 19, 2018 - 04:30 PM IST

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The only way one can survive and be in the cinema industry is by having success with him or her. This is most important for an artiste and the pressure is much higher especially if it is a hero or a heroine. The opportunities are less and the scope for second chance is almost nil. Hence, every artiste needs to have a strong strategy.

And this can be made possible only through a proper PR team and above all, a mentor. Every artiste needs to have that one person whose advice carries sensibility and wisdom. At the same time, a PR team needs to be a mandatory aspect because it is them who take up the job of promoting you and create a buzz about you.

As such, the heroes of the Telugu Film Industry are getting used to this culture but still there are an equal number of heroes who still don’t have their own PR team. It is about time they up the game by roping in a professional team of PR experts and that’s when things are going to change. Let us wish the artistes go through it and take it seriously.

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