Another RX 100 Coming Up?

By - August 18, 2018 - 09:20 PM IST

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The recent release ‘RX 100’ came with a certain level of expectations but nobody expected it would end up becoming a bumper hit. One of the main reasons why it worked is due to the steamy kisses and the lust quotient which was filled with love betrayal. This struck a strong chord with the youth and masses alike.

The director Ajay Bhupathi scored a big hit with ‘RX 100’ and he happens to be the disciple of the eccentric Ram Gopal Varma. Now, another disciple is coming from RGV’s house. His name is Siddhardha and he is making his debut as a director. This is with the new movie ‘Bhairava Geeta’ and some buzz is being created now.

This film is being produced by RGV and Bhasker. It is heard that the trailer of the film is going to release soon and based on the posters that came so far, many get a feeling this is going to be like ‘RX 100’. The fact that RGV is only producing and not putting his hand in direction is giving some assurance to the cine buffs. What remains to be seen is whether Siddhardh can rock as Ajay or not.

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