RX 100 Beauty Makes It Clear

By - August 20, 2018 - 07:47 PM IST

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Irrespective of what grade she is in or what range she is working, the dark shadow of ‘compromise’ constantly haunts. This is the story of almost every actress who steps into the tinsel town with a dream of becoming famous and successful. While there are those girls who come mentally prepared for everything, it is not the case with all.

Though it is not admitted, approaching actresses asking for sexual favors and ‘compromise’ is a common process in the industry. This time, it was the turn of the scorching hot Paayal Rajput, the heroine of the super hit movie ‘RX 100’. Recently the pretty girl got to share her experience and it is heard that this happened in Tollywood.

Apparently, Paayal was approached by a producer with the offer of a role and in return she was expected to ‘compromise’. Paayal reportedly shooed that person away. She is very clear that she is here to act and not to entertain such things. Well, that’s one firm girl we are seeing so let us wish all good things happen to her.

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