Kobbarimatta Repeats Hrudaya Kaleyam?

By - August 21, 2018 - 05:50 PM IST

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The flavor of the Telugu films have often revolved around action, comedy, family drama and didn’t drift into other genres. Hence, when an offbeat movie comes and clicks it becomes a cult sensation. The same thing happened with ‘Hrudaya Kaleyam’ which was more like a parody of many things. Even today it is being spoken about.

Now, the makers of the same film have teamed up to arrive with another movie which has been in the pipeline since long. We are talking about the movie ‘Kobbari Matta’ and just like how ‘Hrudaya Kaleyam’ created a magical sensation then ‘Kobbari Matta’ is expected to do the same given the combination.

The film features Burning Star Sampoornesh Babu in the lead and it has been directed by Sai Rajesh. Few months ago a teaser had come out and sent the audience into peals of laughter. Now the real deal is happening as the film is preparing to hit the screens. Let us wait to see if it can repeat the ‘Hrudaya Kaleyam’ magic or not.

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