Is Sunny Leone's Rs 5 Cr True?

By - August 21, 2018 - 09:27 AM IST

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Anything and everything that has to do with certain celebrities always become a big headline and sometimes when that celeb is not doing anything, his/her admirers end up using their creative brains and bring some Hungama or the other. The erotic sex goddess Sunny Leone happens to be the fantasy queen for lakhs of Indian men.

While she makes news for her hot treats this time Sunny Leone’s name is coming for a very different purpose, that of a noble cause. Reports are making rounds that Sunny gave a whopping 5 crores to the Kerala flood relief. A lot of publicity is happening regarding that but till now, nothing official has come from Sunny or her spokesman.

Many are saying she doesn’t want to make much noise about her contributions and saying so, they are promoting this news in a big way. Well, if it is indeed true it is really a wonder that Sunny Leone gave such huge money and there is no doubt that she would be regarded as a girl with a golden heart by many for a long time.

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