'Neevevaro' After 'RX#100'

By - August 24, 2018 - 04:04 PM IST

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The recent release ‘RX 100’ became a very big hit and while the intensity of love shown in it was one aspect, the main pull factor was due to the negative shades of heroine. This came as a shocker to everyone during the pre climax and that struck a strong chord with the audience. Now, another film seems to be on the same lines.

We are talking about the latest release ‘Neevevaro’ featuring the piercing eyed hero Aadhi Pinisetty along with the milky thigh beauty Taapsee and the boxing babe Ritika Singh. The film has been touted as a thriller and it is heard that the role of Taapsee is something to watch out for. Well, this is quite similar to that of Payal Rajput.

The way Payal entices the hero and eventually discards him was something shocking. Mostly, it was her performance which did the trick. Akin to that, inside news reveals even Taapsee has done very well in ‘Neevevaro’ and the audience is going to have a goosebump experience as the ending is superb. Get set for this one folks!

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