Neevevaro Review & Rating

By - August 24, 2018 - 02:12 PM IST

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Cast: Aadhi Pinisetty, Taapsee Pannu, Ritika Singh, Vennela Kishore & Others
Banner: MVV Cinema
Editor: Pradeep E Raghav
Cinematography: Sai Sriram
Music: Achu Rajamani
Producer: MVV Satyanarayana
Director: Harinath

Rating: 2/5 

Aadhi Pinisetty, Taapsee & /Ritika Singh are like one rare breed of actors, who always give their priority to the roles rather than commercial aspects. Well, these three actors came together for a movie called Neevevaro and this interesting combination grabbed the attention of the audience.


Aadhi Pinisetty (Kalyan) is a visually challenged person and his disability doesn’t make him stop to become a chef in life. He gets the support from his family and childhood friend Anu (Ritika) in overcoming the hurdles in life as a differently challenged person.

At this juncture, he happens to meet Vennela (Taapsee) one day and he instantly develops special feelings towards her. However, Aadhi Pinisetty gets injured in an accident, where he gets back the lost eyesight and at the same time, Taapsee disappears from his life.

Kalyan starts searching for Vennela with the help of Anu, Police Constable (Vennela Kishore) is the rest of the story. Whether Kalyan find Vennela? What is the main reason behind Vennela’s missing?

These above questions unfold on the silver screen.

Actors & Performances:

Aadhi Pinisetty: Aadhi gave his best to the two character shades in the film and especially his performance as a visually challenged person scored the brownie points.

Taapsee: She is the surprise element in the movie and her role is the key element in the whole story.

Ritika: She did her best for the role offered and unfortunately, she got a role which has less scope for performance.

Vennela Kishore once again got the honours for entertaining the audience and even Saptagiri also gave his best shot.


Neevevaro is the remake of Tamil film called Adhe Kangal. Director Harinath took a wise decision of picking Adhe Kangal story to remake in Telugu where currently there is a huge market for thrillers. However, he failed in the execution part as the thrilling experience lacks in the film.

The major fault behind this wrong execution is a weak screenplay. The screenplay of this film doesn’t make you feel thrilled as the scenes go with a low pace. Direction for this film goes for a toss as the director failed in creating the thrilling mood for the audience.

The routine tom & jerry fight sequence between hero and villain also turned out as the old wine in new bottle method. Finally, the writing part of this film has major let down this film.

Technical Aspects:

Camera & Music departments excelled in their respective fields.

Plus Points:

+ Vennela Kishore
+ Some Scenes

Minus Points:

- Story & Screenplay
- No Thrilling Experience

Final Verdict: Neevevaro lacks thrilling episodes.




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