Aatagallu Review And Rating

By - August 24, 2018 - 06:04 PM IST

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Cast: Jagapathi Babu, Nara Rohit, Darshana Banik, Subba Raju & Others
Banner: Friends Movie Creations
Music: Sai Kartheek
Cinematography: Vijay C Kumar
Editor: Marthand K Venkatesh
Producers: Vasireddy Ravindranath, Vasireddy Sivaji Prasad, Makkena Ramu & Vadlapudi Jithendra
Director: Paruchuri Murali

Rating: 1.5/5

Jagapathi Babu and Nara Rohit are widely known for featuring in concept films to the regular commercial potboilers. Well, this Aatagallu movie is also one among them. The teaser, trailer & posters of Aatagallu movie are giving us impressions of a murder mystery film. The rest key details of this movie are discussed below in the Aatagallu review.


Siddharth (Nara Rohit)- a popular directtor loves and marries Anjali (Darshana Banik). The murder of Anjali comes out as a big jolt in the couple’s lovely life. Police arrest Siddharth under murder charges and put him before public prosecutor (Jagapathi Babu) for the case investigation. Public Prosecutor grills Siddharth with cross questions regarding the murder.

Did Siddharth confess about his role in wife’s murder? Or Is there any new viewpoint on Anjali’s murder?

These above questions unfold on the silver screen.

Actors & Performances:

Jagapathi Babu & Nara Rohit are apt and good choices for these roles in the movie. They both gave their best to the characters and they tried their best to engage the audience with their performances.


Director Paruchuri Murali included some commercial aspects in the film’s screenplay and it made the film to lose the required pace for a crime thriller. The see-saw kind of scenes and the fast screenplay are generally expected in these kinds of films. Somehow, this film has only a few scenes of that kind and majority of the scenes lacks the fast screenplay.

The conceiving of the pre-interval episode is very good and unfortunately, similar kind of impactful screenplay lacks in the rest of the episodes. Mainly this film revolves around the two characters (Director & Public Prosecutor) and the scenes designed between these two are not up to the mark.

Anyhow, an efficient screenplay than the present would have helped this film to look better.

Plus Point:

Jagapathi Babu

Minus Points:

Logicless Scenes

Final Verdict: Aatagallu Disappoints.


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