Wisdom Prevails Finally

By - August 26, 2018 - 10:14 AM IST

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There is a common notion that if you hail from the film industry you know the ins and outs of everything and hence you can establish yourself as a hero rather smoothly and quickly. However, that is far from the truth. There are certain parameters that need to be adhered to and primary among them is, you must be able to get the respect of audience through your content.

Instead of that, if you focus on extravaganza and star power, it doesn’t work in the long run. Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas, son of Bellamkonda Suresh, has the right ingredients to become a hero but for some reason he had latched onto big names to give him the lift instead of depending on his own strengths and caliber.

Despite working with big names like Boyapati Sreenu and pairing up with starlets like Samantha, Rakul Preet Singh, nothing worked in his favor. Now, it is heard that Sreenivas has realized the reality and has decided to do his next set of movies with debutante directors and very less budgets. This is a very wise move from him.

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