Biggest Comeback Of Two Legends

By - September 03, 2018 - 02:59 PM IST

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There are many legends and icons in the entertainment industry but to see two of them together under the same roof or on the same platform is a very rare occurrence. Hence, when such a thing happens there is a lot of excitement and curiosity to watch them at the earliest and create some major hungama.

Akin to that, the city of Chennai is preparing for a grand comeback of two big legends. We are talking about the Mozart of Madras A R Rahman and the maverick moviemaker Mani Ratnam. It is known that Mani is now arriving with his new movie ‘Nawab’ which is coming as a bilingual in both Telugu and Tamil.

The trailer has been getting a decent response and now it is heard that the audio release is going to take place on September 5th in Chennai and here is the best part. Rahman is going to play every song live through his keyboard. Given his stature and image, if he is willing to do that it is only out of respect and bonding with Mani. Blessed are those who will get to see the duo together.

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