Sumanth Becoming Emotional

By - September 04, 2018 - 08:30 AM IST

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You tend to see many film celebrities and irrespective of whether they are successful or not they tend to be quite guarded about their personal front. However, there are those instances when they do reveal their true emotions but that would take something powerful and attached. The soft spoken hero Sumanth keeps a low profile.

He is normally seen only when his films are hitting the screens otherwise most of the times nobody knows where he is and what he is upto. However, unit members of the biopic on great N T Rama Rao are revealing this information. It is known that Sumanth is doing his legendary grandfather ANR’s role in NTR biopic.

It is heard that there have been those moments on the sets where Sumanth was seen feeling very emotional and teary eyed. Apparently, he loves his grandpa very much and even his grandpa used to love Sumanth a lot. That attachment is now bringing this emotional situation. Those who are looking at Sumanth like this are feeling touched.

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