Balabradrapatruni Ramani's Boldest Attacks

By - September 04, 2018 - 12:55 PM IST

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Once you earn certain regard and respect in the society and your colleagues, you must be decent and matured enough to carry yourself in that manner. But for some reason, few successful people tend to do some nasty blunders. This time, our focus is on the noted writer Balabhadrapatruni Ramani and her bold attacks.

She is a very respectable writer and is also a member in writers association. She is quite senior and has some regard among everyone. However, lately she is coming up with some nasty comments on Facebook and her target has been the participants of the ‘Bigg Boss 2’ show. This is not going too well with those who regard her.

For instance, she calls Bigg Boss as Bigg Boss Tughlak. She has been giving names to various participants like calling Geetha Madhuri as ‘Chettha’ Geetha, Syamala as ‘Thonda’ Syamala, Samrat as ‘Waste’ Samrat. That way Ramani has fingered all of them and it is not sure what she is trying to get at with this rather weird and nasty behavior.

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