MAA Lost Rs 6 Cr With Allegations?

By - September 04, 2018 - 02:37 PM IST

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The latest and hottest controversy in TFI is the allegation war between Sivaji Raja’s camp and Naresh’s camp. Now, this is having a cascading effect on the revenue earnings for MAA. Normally, the MAA folks tend to take the film celebrities to different countries. This time, they want to do it aggressively by taking out few big names.

By collating the funds they wanted to construct a building. Recently, they took megastar Chiranjeevi to another country. It is heard that they were expecting 2 crores but they got 1 cr and yet they went ahead with the deal. Now, the other big heroes are also being asked to make such tours and here is an update.

Buzz is that Prabhas 2 cr, Mahesh Babu 2cr, Nagarjuna 1 cr, Balakrishna 50 lakhs- already deals were fixed with this price. The stars don’t take this money, the show organizers buy the star’s dates and then they sell tickets at their fixed prices. Their earning is not connected to the celebs. But now, due to these allegations that some members of the board did some money swindling, such shows might get cancelled and the minimum amount is 6 crores loss.

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