Reason Behind Hema's Dull Look

By - September 04, 2018 - 06:48 PM IST

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While a lot of heat was brewing and tension was building up at the Film Chamber office today due to the ongoing tussle between Sivaji Raja camp and Naresh’s camp, some of the media folks made another observation. It has to do with the look of senior artiste Hema. Apparently, she has become very thin and had a dull look.

Some started speculating Hema has diabetes but here is the reliable report. The pretty lady is hale and healthy. It is just that she has gone through bariatric surgery so when that happens the diet should be limited. But then, everybody is wondering what is the need for Hema to get the surgery done at this age and time.

They maintain she used to look very good when she had some weight and by going lean her age is being seen. More than looking slim she is looking thin and weak. Incidentally, one has to be extremely careful with the diet thing for at least six months post this surgery so it appears Hema would be in this dull look for some more time.

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