Gossip: Chiru Angry On Sivaji Raja?

By - September 06, 2018 - 11:23 AM IST

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Issues and difference of opinions are a common feature in any industry but if you don’t show the maturity and wisdom to resolve it within closed doors and treat it as ego conflict, you are bound to pay the price. The recent spat between the MAA President Sivaji Raja and General Secretary Naresh has created a very sour feeling to many.

As part of their clash, the name of megastar Chiranjeevi popped up and his name has become the bone of contention between these two. Now, a grapevine is making rounds among the Filmnagar circles that Chiru called upon Sivaji Raja and gave him a piece of his mind. Buzz is that he chided Sivaji for not handling this issue in a professional manner.

Doubts and questions are still looming over what exactly did Sivaji and his group did in relation to the big stars tours to the foreign countries and the funds coming from these events. Whatever it may be, the whole incident has brought disgrace to the image of Telugu Film Industry and if this gossip is true, Chiru has done the right thing.

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