Can Rahman Delight Prabhas & Others?

By - September 11, 2018 - 07:07 PM IST

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There is no doubt that the Mozart of Madras A R Rahman is one of the greatest music composers India has ever produced and his presence in the project always creates a buzz. But if one were to look at his works closely, he has not been able to deliver a proper success in the recent times. And he doesn’t have a great record in Telugu.

There have been speculations that Rahman has now been considered for the new project featuring young rebel star Prabhas. Though nothing is official the makers are confident Rahman would be in. However, Rahman’s music has a lot of nativity for Tamil folks than the Telugu ones. Given that, can he really produce some magical tracks?

As such, Rahman has a brand but at the end of the day if he fails to deliver what is expected from him, the brand no longer matters. In a way, Rahman should perhaps take this as a challenge and send a strong statement that he has not lost his juice. For now, let us wait for the official confirmation and hope for the best.

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