'Adhugo' Trailer: Interesting Attempt

By - September 12, 2018 - 06:08 PM IST

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After becoming a director, actor Ravi Babu has always worked towards offering something different and innovative and this time he took a lot of gap to come up with a totally unexpected story. This is through his movie ‘Adhugo’ and it is being touted as India’s first live action 3D film wherein a piglet happens to be the protagonist.

The trailer has come out and those who have seen it are saying it is an attempt to attract the kids and their families. However, the visual effects are not really that finely done. Of course, the way the movements of the piglet have been made is convincing but the rest of the visuals show they have been made inferiorly.

As for the content, the film comes across as a mix of comedy, some action and even some drama also and Ravi Babu has implemented his fast pace of storytelling. Overall, this doesn’t come across as a regular movie given the fact that the protagonist is an animal so keeping the entertainment quotient aside, the attempt is certainly interesting.

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