Criticism On 2.0' Trailer?

By - September 14, 2018 - 10:42 AM IST

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Though we are one as a nation there are certain differences which are not publicly spoken out but tend to get reflected every now and then. One such divide has been between the north and south. Typically, the north folks tend to have a lesser opinion about South and the same thought process seems to apply for the cinema industry too.

Never has north media appreciated the mettle of the south filmmakers and the irony is, most of the movies which work up there are from the south. This time, this effect seems to have fallen on the trailer of ‘2.0’ featuring style samrat Rajnikanth. The entire ring of national media has discarded this trailer citing it as just average.

They have not focused even on one highlight and termed it as a so-so thing. On an overall note, it could give such a feeling but there are certainly few aspects in the trailer which cannot be overlooked. Given the efforts that have gone behind the movie and the promise it holds, this conclusion from the north media is certainly not that fair.

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