Heroine's Husband Is A Demigod In UAE

By - September 20, 2018 - 06:12 PM IST

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We have often mentioned about how few celebrities are worshipped like demigods in India and that devotion is hard to explain with a rationale. While that is fine, can you imagine one Indian to have the same kind of worshipping and that too on a foreign soil. Best part is, he doesn’t share much spotlight in front of the camera.

He is none other than Bharat Thakur and here is another thing, he happens to be the husband of the innocent faced cutie Bhumika. At one point, Bharat also was part of producing Telugu movies before shifting to Dubai and becoming a full fledged yoga instructor. It is heard that Dubai’s creamy layer is his students.

It is not just about the yoga but it is also about the holistic approach Bharat has in his training which is making these bigshots become his disciples. The kind of following Bharat has garnered in a short span is incredible and the fact that he is treated like a demigod goes to show where he stands. Interestingly true!


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