Comedian's New Avatar

By - September 20, 2018 - 05:39 PM IST

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You can call it adherence to process or simple human psychology but then when you get used to seeing an artiste doing a particular set of roles, you bracket him/her as a hero, heroine, villain, comedian. And the moment they drift from what they do to something different, you tend to get a bit surprised.

However, there are those who strongly believe in their versatility and keep coming up with different attempts. For a long time, actor Sapthagiri made a strong mark as a comedian and he got into the big league. Then came the first surprise when he graduated himself into a hero and did not one but two movies.

Both the movies didn’t really work but before the public or film fraternity can come to terms with it, here is another update. It is now heard that Sapthagiri is all set to arrive as a director and the final nod from a producer is awaited. This is an interesting move from this comedian so let us wish him all success.


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