Heart stroke For Kaushal Fans

By - September 19, 2018 - 06:30 PM IST

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Since the last few weeks we have been mentioning about how the TV artist  Kaushal Manda has been creating waves at the ongoing reality show Bigg Boss 2. This is being hosted by natural star Nani and it has been noticed a few times that even Nani had tried to give his piece of mind to Kaushal.

Right now, Kaushal looks poised to win the title of the Bigg Boss but here comes the twist. Both Kaushal and Tanish got into a physical tussle in the home recently and a trailer has come out. In that, Bigg Boss has warned both of them to stay away from each other and all this is seen as part of a promotion coming up.

As such, all the promos stopped and both faces showed tension. Fans of Kaushal began sweating because they were thinking he might get eliminated. This was as good as a heartstroke for the fans of Kaushal as they felt he would get eliminated. For now, the outcome could go both the ways so let us see what happens.

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