Aadhi Pinisetty In Gym For RX100

By - September 20, 2018 - 07:30 AM IST

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Every now and then we have been mentioning as to how the piercing eyed talent Aadhi Pinisetty has been working hard to make his mark as a hero in the Telugu Film Industry. Having said that, Aadhi has also ensured he doesn’t lose his grip over the Tamil industry because that is where he actually earned his stardom and popularity.

As part of that, Aadhi is all set to step into the shoes of Karthikeya and reprise his role in the Tamil version of the blockbuster hit ‘RX 100’. You know very well how many scenes the hero is bare chested and keeps flexing his muscles often. Hence, it is heard that Aadhi is slogging it out in the gym for many hours.

Sources close to him reveal for the Tamil version Aadhi is toning his body and coming up with a sleek physique. He also has a good height and that with a sleek physique always gives a fantastic frame when in front of the camera. Aadhi did something similar for his debut Tamil flick ‘Mrugam’ so let us see how he would look this time.


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